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URI Online Judge Solution : 1011 Sphere (Beginner Problem)

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URI Online Judge | 1011


Adapted by Neilor Tonin, URI  Brazil
Timelimit: 1
Make a program that calculates and shows the volume of a sphere being provided the value of its radius (R) . The formula to calculate the volume is: (4/3) * pi * R3. Consider (assign) for pi the value 3.14159.
Tip: Use (4/3.0) or (4.0/3) in your formula, because some languages (including C++) assume that the division's result between two integers is another integer. :)


The input contains a value of floating point (double precision).


The output must be a message "VOLUME" like the following example with a space before and after the equal signal. The value must be presented with 3 digits after the decimal point.
Input SamplesOutput Samples
3VOLUME = 113.097
15VOLUME = 14137.155
1523VOLUME = 14797486501.627


#define PI 3.14159

int main()
	double R,Vol;
	scanf("%lf", &R);
	Vol = (4.0 / 3.0)*PI*R*R*R;
	printf("VOLUME = %.3lf\n", Vol);
	return 0;


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